Aubergine Pince

Your favourite cellar in Etyek

Aubergine is our passion

Aubergine Pince opened its gates in 2014, in the vineyard of Budapest, Etyek. Our specialty is the aubergine cream and zacuscă, which you will enjoy, as it goes well along with our excellent wines. Our secret is in our carefully picked materials spiced with a little love. We cultivate our very own garden to assure the best quality aubergine for our dishes. Welcome, lovers of domestic flavours, here in the heart of Etyek.

Time for a taster!

Aubergine cream

Aubergine in a cup

1 000 Ft


Zacuscă in a cup 

1 000 Ft

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Aubergine Pince
2091 Etyek, Újhegyi út 4.