Our Offer

Specialty of the house 

Fresh savory snacks made from our own aubergine

Aubergine Cream

Aubergine in a cup with fresh bread 


Zacuscă in a cup with fresh bread 


Fresh homemade pasta dishes 

Fresh homemade aubergine fettucine 

Fresh homemade pasta with spicy aubergine ragout and parmesan 

Lasagne Bolognese

Fresh homemade pasta with bolognese ragout with bismuth and mozzarella 

Appetizers, soups 

Cheese selection with blackberry jam and baguette 


Rusk with fresh tomato and olive oil 

Ice-cold fruit soup

Refreshing fruit soup made from seasonal fruits 

Goulash soup 

Made in a cauldron for larger groups 

Chicken soup with tarragon 

"Palóc" soup 

BBQ and Grill dishes 

Pulled Pork 

Pork shoulder made in a BBQ smoker over 8-10 hours, pulled into strips. With mayonnaise cabbage salad in a ciabatta.  

Pulled Chicken

Chicken sandwich made with dark beer, with mayonnaise-green apple cabbage salad

BBQ ribs

Slowly fried spicy pork ribs 

BBQ chicken drumsticks

Chicken drumsticks made in oven 

Roast meat 

Freshly made pork, chicken, and barbecue sausages 

Grilled cheese 

Fresh salad, or grilled vegetable side dish 

Vegetable spitroast 

Mushrooms, tomato, zucchini, eggplant, cream pepper, purple onion...

Side dishes, salads 


French ratatouille with zucchini and homegrown aubergine

Rosemary fried potatoes 

Pan baked spicy potatoes with rosemary 

Yoghurt aubergine

Refreshing salad side dish with special seasoning 


Refreshing minty yoghurt cucumber salad 

Greek salad

Greek salad with lemon, feta cheese and oregano


Homemade tiramisu

Raspberry white chocolate cheesecake 

Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream 

Honey cottage cheese with white wine applesauce 


Chardonnay - 2017 - Tátrai Winery

The flagship wine of Etyek. Fine smell, soft acids and a hint of carbonation is what makes it really enjoyable.

Sauvignon Blanc - 2017 - Tátrai Winery

A little known french type. It has a special scent and flavour, but requires a good winemaker to create. Finding the taste of green herbs, nettle, or elderberry is a joy to the taster as well. The subtle bubbles spread in the mouth as the fine smell drives away all troubles. Goes well along with cheese, white meat, or even fish dishes. Slightly tilted, you can observe its beautiful green-ish colour.

Cserszegi Fűszeres - 2017 - Tátrai Winery

It's scent has a varietal character, with a spicy flavour. From a hybrid grape of Irasi Olivér and the Tramini comes this dry wine, and goes well with not too sweet desserts or even as an appetizer. Ladies tend to taste it without cause.

Pinot Noir Rozé - 2017 - Tátrai Winery

A soft wine of summer evenings. The spritzer from it is excellent. One of the most favourite blue grapes of Etyek, and the most well known rosé. Goes along well with just about everything, but try it with the ratatouille.